Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra

Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra

Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council running the Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra (GUSK) which is social venture aims to provide employment to all unemployed person of India. Highly focused in Entrepreneurship, Legal Activities, Financial Assistance for Rural Businesses & Farmers, Social Welfare Programs and Women Empowerment. Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra create a single network channel from the manufacturer to buyers.
Migration of a people in search of job creates mainly creates the burden on Urban area. In order to avoid such circumstances, generating the employment at their home place or nearby villages will be more helpful. Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra is highly focused for developing a rural area’s entrepreneur and their creative ideas. 
Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra is highly focused to develop the primary and foremost sectors that is a farming and a small-scale industry. We are available at every village of the India for bringing an innovative idea and sharing it across the India. At every village there is well-qualified person is sitting to assist the individuals in case of any requirements.
Our multi service provider network is easily available, one can get all the related information from our portal apart from this there are our expert team who are working to provide a best training program. Under this training program most of the required things are taught which is very essential for implementing this program.

Documents Require
Aadhar Card.
Pan Card.
Residential proof.
Unit location.
Member’s details
Online Application

Fees Description
Registration Fees 500/- INR
Setup Cost – 3500/-
Training Fees- 1500/- INR *Pay After Registration
Total – 5500/- INR

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*Do Not Pay any Amount in Cash to Anybody We Accept only Online Applications

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