Gramin Udyog Sahayak (GUS)

Gramin Udyog Sahayak (GUS)

Gramin Udyog Sahayak (GUS) is center level body which can be associated by a single person at each village, aims to connect a greater number of people through this network. Gramin Udyog Sahayak fill the gap between local people and Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra by continuing providing the support in different aspect.

How one can become Gramin Udyog Sahayak?

Gramin Udyog Sahayak is centralize organ of a Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra which required to be a multiprogramming candidate. One who is above the age of 18 year is eligible to work as a Gramin Udyog Sahayak at their own village or nearby their village. 

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Step needs to be follow

  • At first need to register to our website

  • Fill the important information.

  • Submit the required documents.

  • Choose the fee option.

  • Pay the fee.

  • All the belongings will be delivered to you within 15 days. 

  • In case of any doubt any one can directly interact with our support team.

Build a Network

 Gramin Udyog Sahayak spread awareness about the Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra among each person of a village and its significance. It basically creates a single network channel to connect the entire village through Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra. 

What to do

  • Register the Manufacturer.

  • Complete the Documentations Process.

  • Complete the legal formalities

  • Helps in the setup of small-scale industries

  • Provide daily updates to Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra

  • Trained the people.