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India is hub of labor class people and dues to COVID-19 this large group of people has been migrated to their home place. And most of labour class belongs from rural area. This laour class will directly get benefited from Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra. Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra improves the growth of the country by increasing employment in a rural area. Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra helps in increasing infrastructures and manufacturing industries, reducing issues like unemployment, poverty, and many development acts. Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra is going provides the employment to the large-scale people.

  • Employment Generaon

  • Rural Entrepreneur Development

  • Small Scale Industries Development

  • Promote Made in India Products

  • Development of Indian Rural Market

  • Assistance of Finance/Micro Finance

  • Legal Assistance in Rural Areas

  • Promoting Government Schemes

  • Project Assistance for Any Unit

  • Develop our own marketplace

About us

We Are

Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council running the Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra (GUSK) which is social venture aims to provide employment to all unemployed person of India. Highly focused in Entrepreneurship, Legal Acvies, Financial Assistance for Rural Businesses & Farmers, Social Welfare Programs and Women Empowerment. Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra create a single network channel from the manufacturer to buyers.

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Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council

The Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (INDIA)Council is popularly known for the premier body of business and industry in India. The Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur is highly spread its platforms to the corporate groups in the country.

Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra

Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra is highly focused to develop the primary and foremost sectors that is a farming and a small-scale industry. We are available at every village of the India for bringing an innovative idea and sharing it across the India. At every village there is well-qualified person is sitting to assist the individuals in case of any requirements.

Gramin Udyog Sahayak

Gramin Udyog Sahayak (GUS) is center level body which can be associated by a single person at each village, aims to connect a greater number of people through this network. Gramin Udyog Sahayak fill the gap between local people and Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra by continuing providing the support in different aspect.

Indotrade Mart

Indo Trade Mart is a supporting portal for a Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra. provides a single-window network for all the International and Domestic Business Community to showcase, advertise, and promote their products and services.

Our Cases Result

We feel very proud for our great achievement

After the dedicated work Gramin Yodug Seva Kendra has been able to reach to our users. Now with this achievement all of us are highly dedicated for achieving our next milestones. Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra adopt the cross marketing of manufactured product across the world also, promoting the product among the manufactured entities itself.

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